About Us

The Carlson Tree Farm is made up of 12 acres of trees.  Our family run tree farm is located in North Iowa & was started in 1982. The Carlson Family of 5 that started the tree farm is now 12 in number, with the oldest being 75 and the youngest being 1. The 1st generation, Dennis with a degree in Forestry has a love for trees and his wife Cathy, with a love for animals, makes sure there are always dogs and cats as part of the farm.

The 2nd generation of Carlson’s with their skills in marketing, agronomy, education, public relations and hard work will make your experience something you look forward to each year! The 3rd generation of tree farmers are not only learning the skill of hard work, but also get to enjoy the camaraderie of family while learning the ropes of the family tree farm business.

At the Carlson Tree Farm we LOVE to share the Christmas Season with you & your family! Picking out a Christmas Tree and/or Wreath is all about creating a FUN Holiday Experience & Memories that will last a LIFETIME!

Our goal is to make sure you have a great time with the experience of selecting a tree and wreath for the Christmas Season. Our family of 3 generations will make sure you have an amazing experience. On our farm during the Christmas season, we love to create an adventure for the kids with scavenger hunts, prizes & snow activities.  The Carlson farm has always been a place of learning and fun with many field trips & fun activities for school children too.