We started planting Christmas Trees in 1982 on the 17 acres of the Carlson Tree Farm.  We have learned over the years what grows well in North Iowa and what makes a great Christmas Tree that last through the season and beyond. Of the 17 acres of the Carlson Tree Farm 12 acres are planted to trees.  We have over 3,000 Christmas Trees growing with 300 to 400 available to harvest each year. They include pine and fir.  We sell Christmas trees from 7’ to 18’ tall on our farm.

In our Christmas Tree patch, you can cut down your own tree or we are happy to do that for you as well! At the Carlson Tree Farm, we shake the tree to get the dead needles out of it, net the tree for easy hauling/setup and tie the tree on your vehicle if needed. If you have one of our Marriage Saver Tree Stands, we will even put it on your tree for you.  

You can purchase one of our Marriage Saver Tree Stands that will last a lifetime on our farm. We also have tree removal bags for putting over your tree, that make taking your tree out after Christmas easier and cleaner.

Flocked Trees

On the Carlson Tree Farm, we also Flock Trees. We take a tree from our farm, cut it, put it on a disposable stand and spray it with a reflective white snow like material, which is activated with water to be glued onto the tree.  The tree is then allowed to dry for 24 hours in our flocking area.  We place a plastic bag around the flocked tree for hauling from our farm to your home & then that bag stays around the stand for easy disposable at the end of the Christmas Season. You do not have to water a flocked tree.  Flocked trees are very beautiful with just Christmas lights and a few ornaments.

Many households remember this tradition of the flocked tree in their living room when they grew up. It brings winter inside on the beauty of your Christmas Tree as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Nursery Trees

Not only do we have Christmas Trees, we also have trees available to be moved from our farm to your home.  You’ll find leaf trees and evergreens, all available to be moved with our tree spade to your property.  Sorry no potted or balled and burlapped trees, just specimens planted in-ground for digging with our equipment.