Spading Services

We started planting landscape trees in 2012 with the intention of helping others be able to beautify their property.  Our tree spade can move trees up to 5” in diameter or evergreens up to 10’ tall from our site to yours.  

Trees we have planted include:

  • *Kentucky Coffee
  • *Northern Pecan
  • *Bur Oak
  • *Red Oak
  • *Swamp White Oak
  • *River Birch
  • *Sycamore
  • *Eastern White Pine
  • Bald Cypress
  • Sugar Maple

(The trees with the * are available as of 2021.)

The tree spade digs the hole and moves the tree to your yard.  All you have to do is water it with 1 inch of water per week through the growing season.  

Why get a tree moved with a tree spade?

It allows a larger size tree to be planted on your property. The spaded in tree will continue to grow, as compared to a potted tree, that goes into shock for 1 or 2 years before increasing in size.  With tree spading there is no work you have to do, other than watering it once a week. It is instant beauty to your property!

If you need a tree moved on your property, we can do that too.  

For more information or details on tree spading call the Carlson Farm at 641-866-6946 or Mike’s Cell at 641-373-8808.